My name is Gunnar Grosch and I'm a Cloud Evangelist at Opsio based in Sweden. I have almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, having worked as a front and backend developer, operations engineer within cloud infrastructure, technical trainer as well as several different management roles.

Outside of my professional work I'm is also deeply involved in the community by organising AWS User Groups and Serverless Meetups in Sweden. I am also organizer of ServerlessDays Stockholm and AWS Community Day Nordics.

My favorite subjects are serverless and chaos engineering. I regularly and passionately speak at events on these and other topics.

Public speaking and workshops

If you are organising a tech conference or meetup/user group I would love to come talk about cloud in general, AWS, Azure, serverless, chaos engineering or a bunch of other topics. I also like to do hands-on workshops on the same subjects. How about doing actual chaos engineering experiments or building a serverless application?

Just reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn and let's try to make it happen!

Community building

These are some community things I am involved in organising at the moment. Rest assure that we are always looking for sponsors and speakers so don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in helping the community. Ping me on Twitter or LinkedIn and let's build something awesome!

Chaos Engineering for Serverless

With my two favorite subjects being serverless and chaos engineering I like to mix these subjects in any way possible.

Twitterbot @serverlesschaos

Twitterbot @serverlesschaos

A Twitterbot that retweets around chaos engineering. Follow to keep up with everything that happens in the space.

Serverless Chaos on YouTube

Serverless Chaos on YouTube

My YouTube videos on chaos engineering for serverless covers everything from the theory to practical examples.

Serverless Chaos Demo App

Serverless Chaos Demo App

If you are a hands on person perhaps you want to try the serverless demo application built for chaos engineering.